2016 Christmas List

Haiti Hope Family Home (sampling) Doll – $5, Shoes – $10, Cars – $5, Underwear – $5, Books – $5, Video Game – $10, Telephone – $15, Soccer Ball – $5, Total for 23 children – $440   India Agape Home All the boys in the home asked for “clothes” […]

Echoes From The Past

  The past echoes forward…whispered thank-you’s…resounding why’s…deafening what-ifs. The choices we have made in the past, to do or not to do, shape the future…not just for us, but for every life our choices touch through action or inaction. Sudan, 2007 – It was a war-torn place filled with bomb […]

Our first annual survey

Dear Partner, Welcome to 2015 and thank you for making it possible for thousands of orphan children to be loved and cared for all last year. Orphan’s Lifeline is constantly working to perform this important work at the highest possible level. Part of that is constantly looking at just how […]


,always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Ephesians 5:20 I woke up on this morning and discovered that I was still living…and for that I am thankful. I looked outside and the sun was rising over the mountains in […]

2014 Children’s Christmas List

Amazing Grace:   Shoes-$52.00/ Toys and Dolls-$200.00/ Basketballs-$62.00/ Badminton games-$28.00 Butiki:  Clothing and Shoes-$300.00/ Christmas Meal-$110.00/ Sports Balls $140.00 Carl Hall:  Clothing and Shoes-$350.00/ Christmas Meal-$120.00 CCIMA:  Clothing-$310.00/ Toys and Dictionaries-$240.00 Errabalem:  Clothing-$348.33/ Christmas Cake-$15.42/ Christmas Sweets and Balloons-$20.83 Freshfire:  Clothing and Shoes-$300.00/ Balls, Toys, Dolls-$200.00/ Christmas Meal-$110.00 HOC:  Christmas Food-$310.00/ […]

An Opportunity To Love…

It was years ago… So I don’t have all of the facts, but I do have some of the facts…some of the variables, and so, with a little imagination I can interpolate and tell you a story, confident that it went something very much like this: It is a cool […]

Benjamin’s Dream

Benjamin awakens to the sounds of dishes rattling in the kitchen. He sits up and rubs his eyes and yawns. Suddenly he remembers what day it is. The first day of school! He throws back the covers and mosquito net and leaps from his bed. Quickly, he dresses and heads […]

Who’s Saving Who?

Venkateswara Rao, or Venkatesh, for short, was born into poverty in Errabalem, India. Being born into extreme poverty wouldn’t be his only handicap though. Early in his life, Venkatesh was diagnosed with Spinal Polio, a terrible disease that attacked and left him a cripple, unable to walk and with very […]


They call it the bridge to nowhere…a term that has become commonplace and synonymous with spending money on something wasteful just to placate the public that SOMETHING is being done. All around us we see these bridges being built…bridges to nowhere. The more of them that are built, the more […]

A Tale Of Two Orphans- The Conclusion?

  The boy stood up and tugged on his little brother’s shirt, nodding towards the home. The little one struggled to his feet, tired and weak, but eager at the same time. He seemed to understand that they just might get to eat. They crossed the street, the boy from […]